Carbon neutral contract
manufacturing and innovation as a service

It’s in the name. We are a food factory from Finland that manufactures products for customers and innovates together with them.

Our business is based on contract manufacturing and innovation of plant-based dairy products. Finnish plant-based ingredients are known to be among the best in quality, with particularly oat-based dairy products becoming a staple in the daily diets of consumers. Plant-based products are the future, and as pioneers of the industry, we already possess years of experience with them.

Our operations are based on close collaboration with our customers, who seek innovative products delivered accordingly at competitive terms. The cornerstone of our business is efficient and reliable production that is based on our extensive experience of working with the leading companies in the field.

Products for
every taste

We manufacture various drinks, cooking products, and snacks by utilising the latest technology and production methods to ensure products with long shelf live without compromising good taste and functionality.


Our plant-based
products include:

  • Oat and pea-based drinks
  • Spoonable yogurts
  • Cooking products, e.g. oat and pea-based cooking creams
  • Protein drinks
  • Sauces
  • Spreads
  • Coffee, cocoa and tea drinks
  • Meal replacement drinks

Our products are packaged both environmentally and user-friendly because we believe they should leave a mark in our hearts – not in our environment.  All our packages can be recycled entirely after use. We’ve also paid attention to style and comfort of the packages.

Committed to creative product development with our customer

For us, the customer is an integral part of our team. We sit at the same side of the table to develop products that meet the needs of our customers. With us, it’s possible to create custom-made products according to specific customer goals and needs. Our expertise in plant-based food products allows us to use the ingredients in diverse and creative ways.

Carbon neutral food production

By means of modern technology and leading innovations, we manufacture our products safely and reliably. Our production is based on FSSC 22000 standard quaranteeing safety and traceability throughout the productions process. Combining state-of-the-art technology and experienced professionals, we are able to provide winning customer products. Our carbon neutral production technology is based 100% on renewable electricity.

We're guided by proud Nordic mentality and tradition of food preparation.

We carefully choose the finest ingredients for our products by focusing on their ethical origin and ecological production. We also ensure that our products adhere to all food safety standards.

The driving inspiration behind our operations has been and always will be the diverse richness and purity of Finnish nature, air and water. We are proud of the exceptional conditions that allow us to manufacture products for our customers. When you combine these elements with deep food industry know-how and committed personnel, you get safe and creative products with clear competitive advantages.

We know our responsibility

We work in collaboration and cooperation with nature because we know that healthy nature sustains people.

We respect and sustainably utilise nature and its wonders, and want to preserve the well-being of our environment and its diversity also in the future. The energy we use in our operations is based on carbon-neutral electricity, originating from clean and renewable sources.

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Finnish Food Factory Oy
Tiilitie 4
45200 Kouvola

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Related to searching a job, contact us via email:

Janne Hirvonen

tel. +358 44 599 6430

Tuomas Kukkonen

Chairman of the Board
tel. +358 40 591 2753

Kari Rantanen

Chief Operative Officer
tel. +358 44 031 0830

Miska Autio

Senior Technical Director
tel +358 50 323 3288

Aleksi Järvinen

Production Manager
tel. +358 50 431 4009

Marika Heino

Key Account Manager
tel. +358 40 184 8025

Heidi Rantanen

Office Manager
tel. +358 40 752 9774

Isa Bergdahl

R&D Manager
tel. +358 50 512 3562

Ari Majander

Maintenance Manager
tel. +358 50 310 7080

Toni Hiltunen

Logistics Manager
tel. +358 44 231 7511

Tiina Pienimäki

Finance Assistant
tel. +358 50 589 8306

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EU-funded project: The automation of the manufacturing process of plant-based products.